Best WhatsApp in 2023

Best WhatsApp in 2023

¬†WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that enables users to communicate with each other via text, voice and video calls. Because WhatsApp has become such an integral part of our lives, many prefer customizing their experience by using modded versions of the app. Two popular modded versions are Pink WhatsApp and HM WhatsApp; in this article, we’ll look into the features of these two modded versions and how they differ from the original apps.


Pink WhatsApp

Pink WhatsApp is a customized version of WhatsApp designed to give users an eye-catching experience. It retains all the features of its original counterpart, but with additional customization options. The most striking distinction between Pink WhatsApp and its original image lies in the user interface – the pink theme running throughout gives it an entirely unique look and feel. Moreover, this application boasts plenty of other distinguishing features that set it apart from the competition.


One of the critical features of Pink WhatsApp is the customization of its appearance. Users can select from various themes, including dark mode, as well as alter font style, size and colour. Furthermore, Pink WhatsApp comes with additional privacy controls like hiding online status and typing status from other users.


Another key feature of Pink WhatsApp is the ability to download and use different emojis and stickers. With an extensive library, users can download these items for use in chats. Furthermore, Pink WhatsApp supports third-party sticker packs, enabling users to utilize stickers from other applications too.


Pink WhatsApp also comes with additional security measures. Users can lock their chats with either a PIN or fingerprint, making it more difficult for others to view messages. Furthermore, the app has the option to hide chats – ideal if users wish to keep conversations private.


HM WhatsApp

HM WhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp that shares many similarities to Pink WhatsApp in terms of features but looks slightly different. With its dark theme and modern look, HM WhatsApp stands out from the original WhatsApp app. Plus, it boasts plenty of useful extras that set it apart.


One of the key distinctions between HM WhatsApp and its original counterpart is the customization of its appearance. Users have access to an extensive range of themes, including setting a custom background image for chat screens. They may also alter font style, size, and colour according to their preferences.


Another key feature of HM WhatsApp is the capacity for sending large files. Users can send files up to 700MB, which is significantly larger than the 16MB limit in the original WhatsApp app. This capability is handy for those needing to share large documents or videos with their contacts.


HM WhatsApp also provides additional privacy features. Users can hide their online status, typing status and blue ticks from other users. Furthermore, the app has the capacity to hide chats – useful if users wish to keep conversations private.



Pink WhatsApp and HM WhatsApp are two popular modded versions of WhatsApp that offer additional features and customization options. Although both applications share similar functionalities, they differ in appearance. Pink WhatsApp features a pink theme for an eye-catching aesthetic, while HM WhatsApp boasts a dark theme for an ultra-modern appearance. Both apps boast features that set them apart, such as customization of the appearance, additional privacy controls and large file-sending options. Ultimately, users must decide which app best suits their needs based on personal preference and which features are most essential to them.


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