Dual Fuel Gas Conversion Kit For DG Set

Dual Fuel Gas Conversion Kit For DG Set

What is Dual Fueling Kit?

A dual Fuel Gas conversion kit for DG set is a generation that lets the generator run on two fuel types. generally, this involves combining diesel with every other gas. together with natural gasoline or propane.

When employing a dual gasoline device, the engine runs on an aggregate of diesel and a methane-rich petrol combination. The diesel supplies the spark to ignite the air-gas aggregate. While the gas aggregate offers the majority of the heat power in the course of combustion in the engine cylinder.

This method can minimize the amount of diesel gas used and decrease engine emissions. It is also less costly than making use of only diesel.

Dual Gas Conversion Kit For Generator

The authorities have enacted policies to decrease pollution, and diesel turbines are prohibited in some places. it’s preferable to apply a dual-gas conversion kit to convert a diesel generator into a bi-gas generator in those places.

This modification permits the generator to run on two unique gas sorts, which include diesel and natural gas or propane. This minimizes pollution and will increase generator durability even as preserving expenses decrease than using a diesel-solely generator.

You could comply with government regulations and lessen your environmental effect by turning your antique generator right into a bi-fuel generator while nonetheless having a dependable supply of electricity.

How Does Dual Fuel Conversion Kit Work?

The gas used as fuel in a dual fuel gadget might come from both a pipeline or a neighborhood garage. A gas instruct, which incorporates gasoline clear out. Pressure regulator, solenoid valve, and throttle valve inject the gasoline into the engine’s air stream.

The gasoline teach is intended to take in low-stress gas. And send it to the engine at barely poor pressure. After that, the fuel gasoline is mixed with air in a completely unique Air-fuel Mixer. Resulting in a high-quality fuel-air aggregate and efficient fuel combustion.

Dual gas systems are appropriate for stationary packages and heavy-obligation vehicles with outputs of up to 2 MW. A mixer is installed at the engine air intake earlier than the turbocharger. The Diesel gasoline ignites the air-gasoline combination. The petrol burns to supply the general public with warmth strength.

General, dual fuel structures are a dependable and inexpensive technique of reducing pollutants and gasoline prices while preserving engine overall performance.

Benefits Of Using Dual Fuel Kit For generators

  • Reduction In Pollution And Emission Control:-

Due To the growing pollutants tiers and the significance of decreasing emissions, the dual fuel conversion kit used to be advanced to ensure that cleanser and greener gasoline is applied to generate electricity. This makes it ecologically friendly and facilitates reducing the environmental effect.

You may reduce the quantity of diesel fuel used and decrease emissions from the engine by making use of our dual gas conversion package, making it extra sustainable and eco-friendly. This now not only aids in compliance with government legal guidelines. but additionally contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment for everybody.

On average, our dual fuel conversion package is a reliable and powerful method to lower pollutants and gasoline charges whilst maintaining engine performance.

  • Less Capital Cost:-

The dual gas conversion package is an extra affordable alternative to conventional diesel turbines. It provides identical electricity production at a cheaper cost, lowering your capital costs and universal intake.

The kit may be established on any contemporary diesel generator set. With a capacity ranging from 40 kVA to 2500 kVA. Making it a versatile and practical choice for inequality of packages.

You may store cash on gasoline whilst maintaining an equal degree of electricity output by using our dual gasoline conversion kit. This now not solely lowers your strolling charges but also contributes to an extra sustainable and environmentally responsible method to strength era.

  • Quick Recovery Investment:-

Whilst you purchase our dual gasoline conversion package, you can effortlessly recoup your investment in 1-three years. After that, you may keep between 35% and 45% on operational expenses each hour of use.

This means that by means of the usage of our dual gas device, you may store money even as keeping the identical stage of strength production. it’s miles a sensible and price-effective choice for all and sundry inquisitive about lowering their electricity use and environmental effect.

The dual gas conversion kit is smart funding that can help you keep cash even as additionally lowering your environmental effect through the years.

  • No Power Difference:-

Whilst you install a Dual fuel conversion kit, you will not observe any difference in your generator’s energy as compared to strolling on diesel on your own. The package was once designed and examined. To supply the same amount of power production at the same time. As lowering the fee and environmental impact of going for walks with your generator.

This means you can hold an identical level of performance and dependability whilst also reaping the financial credit score and decreased emissions that include employing a dual gasoline device.


A dual gas kit for a DG set allows the generator to run on two distinct varieties of fuel. Generally diesel and natural gas or propane. The gadget uses less diesel fuel and emits less pollution. And is much less expensive than the use of diesel by itself. A dual fuel conversion kit can be fitted on any current diesel generator. To provide an identical stage of power production while decreasing expenses and impacting the surroundings. The kit can pay for itself in 1-3 years, saves up to 45% on operational prices. Facilitates preserving the surroundings clean.

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