How to build an effective Social media marketing strategy?

How to build an effective Social media marketing strategy?

The evolution of social media marketing (SMM) from a stand-alone tool to a multipronged source of marketing; has made social media marketing the most powerful marketing strategy among marketers across different industries.  

Social media marketing, especially influencer content_has a significant impact on buying decisions. The use of social media is rising, and marketers are constantly making efforts to develop perfect strategies to capture the target audience.

Social media marketing enables brands to increase engagement with their key audience, thus delivering more effective results than traditional marketing.

Before digging into detail; about how you can build effective social media marketing for your brand, it is critical to know what it is. 

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is also known as e-marketing and digital marketing. It refers to using social media platforms on which users share information and build social networks to build a brand identity, sell products or services, drive website traffic and increase sales. 

Social media marketing enables companies to reach new ones while engaging with existing ones. It has purpose-built data analytics that allows marketers to analyze the success of their marketing efforts and identify more ways to engage.

Social media marketing a strategic approach

If you want to create an effective social media strategy for your brand, you have to do more than the basics of social media. It is a strategic approach that will generate results only if used properly. We have gathered five points that you need to consider for an effective social media marketing strategy. 

Define marketing goals that align with your business

Before creating an effective strategy, it is crucial to define the goals that you want to achieve. Marketing strategies can have diverse goals, such as brand awareness, increasing leads or sales, growing an audience, or driving traffic to your site. 

Therefore, brands must know what they want to achieve through their Social media campaigns. 

Understand your audience

Brands indeed want to sell their products to every person on social media, but most people fail to understand not everyone is your audience. It is significant to find the right audience for your brand, what they want and how you can reach them. 

Another significant factor to consider is; which platform has the majority of your audience and the nuances of each social platform. This way, you will understand where your business needs to be and how. 

Create engaging content

Social media marketing hinges on the content you post on your channels. At this point, you should know what to publish on your social media handles, depending on your audience, goals, and brand identity. You should also know which networks to cover for better engagement and reach.

Create a consistent social presence for your brand

Timeliness has become one of the most significant factors for marketers. There is so much information and competition on social media that nobody is going to remember you unless you show up on the feed often. 

Brands must put out fresh content and always be there for their followers. Customers will operate on your clock, but you have to modulate your strategies according to them. We understand that maintaining a timeline is a tall order with a small team and limited resources.

Therefore, the best way is to analyze the time; when your audience is most active and prepare a calendar according to it. Remember, posting consistency is all that matters. 

Evaluate and keep improvising

Lastly, to be the top business, you need to evaluate what’s working and keep improvising depending on your audience’s demands and the platform’s requirements. 


Social media marketing is not a piece of cake. It requires a proper understanding of what needs to be done. It can be a task when you don’t have enough knowledge and experience therefore, you can consider hiring a social media marketing agency to gain the expected results. 

There are many agencies in the market, but one digital marketing agency worth mentioning is Hashe computer solutions.

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