How to Open a UK Bank Account While Being in India?

How to Open a UK Bank Account While Being in India?

If you’re moving to the UK for higher studies or a job, what you essentially need to have in the foreign country is a bank account. Now the question arises: what is the process to get yourself one, or can you open a UK bank account even before you step out of India?

The questions are many, but don’t worry; the solution to these queries is not as difficult as it looks like. Let me tell you how. In this fast-moving world, a problem of the past is not a problem anymore, and even a process like opening a bank account in another country can be done smoothly; all you need is proper assistance and a reliable platform like Remigos.

Need to transfer money from India to a UK bank account in a snap? The answer is Remigos: are you looking for the best private health insurance for yourself? The solution is Remigos. Want the best UK SIM card for your phone before moving? The answer is Remigos.

Now, first, you need to have an idea of the banks in the UK and which one is suitable for you. So the banks in the UK are called “High Street banks,” some of which are Lloyd’s, Barclays, etc. The UK bank account also has certain types, which are as follows:

  • A current account: A current account is thought to be the ideal solution for daily activities, including paying bills and having access to withdrawal possibilities. It offers facilities like debit cards and credit cards, too, and regularly offers promotions and benefits.
  • Basic banking account: These accounts are useful for those in lower income brackets because they come with benefits like no additional charges and no requirement to keep a minimum balance in the account.
  • Savings account: An excellent alternative for keeping your money safe and secure for a long time is a savings account. Longer periods of time may pass before withdrawing funds from the account, which in turn helps you save money.

After the bank accounts, here are some banks you can choose from:

HSBC: The major advantage is that money transfers in euros to both HSBC and non-HSBC accounts are free of charge. The absence of overdrafts at these institutions is an additional benefit.

Barclays: For money transfers, Barclays charges a very small fee. If you send or receive more than £100 overseas, there is a £6 fee.

Al Ryan: The greatest thing about Al Rayan is that there are no fees associated with transferring or receiving money in any form.

You can open a UK bank account with the help of Remigos; they have access to various banks and will help you open a bank account without an address proof. All you need to do is provide a valid passport, proof of permission to live in the UK like the offer letter from your UK university, and the address of a known person in the UK for receiving mail, and you’ll be done.

Another choice for you is online banks or Neo banks, which only have a digital presence. These banks offer facilities like payments, money transfers, loans, etc., all digitally. The biggest perk of these new banks is that they are quick and easy to use, and everything about your UK bank account can be managed on your phone.

There are a lot of choices, and the decision is yours to make. If in further doubt, you can reach out to Remigos through their 24×7 customer care support.

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