The AOVO X9 Plus To The Door

The AOVO X9 Plus To The Door

Since 2020, due to the impact of the new coronavirus, many people no longer use public transportation, but instead choose to use bicycles, electric vehicles, motorcycles and other convenient and light vehicles, especially electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Therefore, we can often see such a scene on the road, all kinds of handsome men, beautiful women, white-collar workers, students riding electric scooters or electric bicycles among the crowd.

Today, I am not here to sell products, I just introduce to you a different electric scooter, which is different from any other electric scooter, it uses the latest separate charging technology developed by AOVO Technology, which can directly charge the 15.6Ah battery Take it out and charge it separately, which makes real convenient travel possible. Imagine a scenario like this: A white-collar worker cannot take the electric bicycle into his company to charge, but he can ride the AOVO X9 plus to the door of the company, put the electric scooter outside the company, then take out the battery and take it to the company to charge. For the latter, he only needs to take a battery home to charge it, and he doesn’t need to worry about the electric scooter suddenly running out of power halfway through the ride, so he can only push it home.

AOVO X9 Plus, its maximum power is 850W, its rated power is 500W, and its default maximum speed is 25km/h. Considering the legal regulations of EU countries, AOVO Technology sets the factory default maximum speed to 25km/h. On the one hand, it ensures that users will not Being fined by the traffic police can ensure riding safety on the one hand.

Of course, if the customer needs to use a higher speed, AOVO Technology has also taken this into consideration. AOVO X9 plus can be manually adjusted to set the maximum speed: 40km/h AOVO X9 plus is the latest flagship product developed by AOVO Technology. We are committed to more people using clean energy.

We are practicing this with practical actions to build a cleaner, more efficient and more convenient community

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