The Thing Melvin Left Behind For Them


Manhwa, a term that refers to the comics or graphic novels originating from South Korea, has gained significant popularity in the recent past, both domestically and internationally. Among the various Manhwa series that have hit the market, “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” has emerged as a fan favorite. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of this exciting and unique series.

“The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” revolves around the protagonist, Melvin, who is a young boy with extraordinary powers. Despite his special abilities, Melvin chooses to lead a normal life, but his past catches up with him when he discovers a mysterious box in his attic. The box leads Melvin on an adventure, where he discovers the truth about his powers and his family’s past.

The storyline of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is gripping and intriguing, which has captivated the attention of Manhwa enthusiasts worldwide. The artwork in the series is stunning, with detailed character designs and vibrant colors. The creators have managed to strike a perfect balance between the storyline and artwork, creating a masterpiece that appeals to a broad audience.


Overview of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them”

The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is an eerie and spine-chilling supernatural thriller comic series created by Gyeong-Min. The plot revolves around a bunch of friends who accidentally discover a puzzling object left behind by their schoolmate Melvin, who had recently died. The object appears to be a simple MP3 player, but it holds the unfathomable power to revive the deceased. As the group decides to test the device, they soon find out that its consequences are far more perilous than they initially thought.

The story of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is a classic example of the “be careful what you wish for” trope. The group of friends discovers an object that seems like a godsend to them, but they soon realize that it’s a Pandora’s box that shouldn’t have been opened. The device has the power to break the natural order of things and to tamper with the balance of life and death. The group’s curiosity and recklessness lead them down a path of destruction and chaos, as they become more and more obsessed with the device’s power.

Overall, “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is a gripping and spine-tingling tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The storyline is captivating and the characters are relatable, making it easy for readers to become invested in the story. The comic series explores themes of death, grief, and the consequences of playing god, making it a must-read for fans of supernatural thrillers.


Characters in “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them”

The series features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and backstories. The protagonist of the series is Seonil, a reserved and introverted high school student who is deeply affected by the death of his friend Melvin. Other prominent characters include Yoojin, Seonil’s childhood friend who is outgoing and bubbly, and Doyeon, a sarcastic and skeptical student who is initially dismissive of the device’s powers.

Themes in “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them”

One of the main themes of the series is the consequences of tampering with death. The series explores the dangers of playing God and the toll it takes on those who try to do so. Another important theme is the power of friendship and the bonds that are formed through shared experiences. As the characters grapple with the consequences of their actions, they learn to rely on each other for support and guidance.

Popularity of “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them”

“The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” has gained a significant following in South Korea, with the first volume selling over 50,000 copies within its first two months of release. The series has also been well-received internationally, with fans praising its unique premise, well-developed characters, and thrilling plot.

Impact on the Manhwa Industry

“The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” has had a significant impact on the Manhwa industry, both in South Korea and abroad. Its success has helped to raise the profile of the industry and has brought increased attention to the works of other Manhwa creators. The series has also inspired a number of adaptations, including a live-action film and a webtoon adaptation.


In conclusion, “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” is a captivating and thought-provoking series that has captured the hearts of fans around the world. With its unique premise, well-developed characters, and thrilling plot, it is no surprise that it has become one of the most popular Manhwa series to date. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, it is clear that “The Thing Melvin Left Behind for Them” will remain a beloved classic for years to come.

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